Exploring HR Audiences: Real-time, Custom Content Consumption Insights

marissa wolfgang on Sep 19, 2019 in Content Marketing

B2B marketers are feeling the heat. With a focus on building campaign strategies around targeted personas and customized content, the pressure is on.

Last week I introduced you to one of my latest favorite tools, NetLine’s Audience Explorer, which allows you to search and analyze custom buyer engagement insights across the B2B web in real-time. I started with looking at IT Decision Makers. Back with Part 2 of my series, I’m diving into best practices while highlighting customized buyer engagement data — but this time for HR audiences.

Audience Explorer provides B2B marketers with content consumption insights from real, in-market professionals who are actively conducting research across the NetLine network. In my experience, Audience Explorer is a way to leverage insights using data captured via millions of engagements from fully permissioned prospects.


As a brief reminder for those too eager to read Part 1, the best way to take advantage of this tool starts with whether you have an identified target persona.


Refining filters is step 1 of your action plan. Having the ability to narrow down your search by Job Function, Job Level, Employee Size, Industry, and Region welcomes hyper-targeted insights. For example, here are our selected filters:

  • Job Area: Human Resources
  • Job Function: All
  • Job Level: Manager and above
  • Employee Size: 50 and above
  • Industry: Computers & Technology, Corporate Services, Healthcare/Medical, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail and Consumer Goods,
  • Region: US, UK, Canada

Unleash. The. Data.

Immediately, interactive pie charts capture the filters selected to display custom HR insights. Giving the user the ability to pivot the data, the choice is yours to focus on one of the filters or all of them. By viewing the charts, we understand the top job level for Human Resources is Manager at 36.3% and the most active company employee size is tied between 10,000-19,999 and 1,000-2,499. While the top two sizes boast higher numbers, not far behind are mid-market players.


Using real-time buyer engagement data brings a tactical side to your targeting strategy, fueling your approach with the specifics of who is most eager to consume your content. Analyzing a different filter, we see out of the selected industries, Healthcare/Medical accounts for 27.1% of Human Resources, followed by Retail and Consumer Goods at 19.3%. These company industries alone take up almost half of the targeted HR audience.

By clicking on a segment of any pie chart, the rest of the data reacts by reflecting that segment of interest. For example, narrowing in on the largest industry shakes up the rest of the pie charts.

Once we hone in on the Company Industry in Human Resources, some overwhelming insights appear. The senior management Job Function takes up 52.7% of the Healthcare/Medical Industry. Right next door, we see the Director Job Level weighs in at 42.9%.

Are you targeting the obvious content consumers or is your current content strategy focusing on those not as likely to engage with your work? It’s all too common to experience frustration with your content strategy while not doing anything to understand why it’s not working. These data points of real people consuming real content allow you to target those who are hungriest.


Ignore the filters. Instead, jump straight into the pie charts to gain a comprehensive view of the entire audience within Human Resources. With the interactive pie charts accumulating 2,304,421 Total Buyer Content Recommendations, the data gives the direction to peg down a target audience who’s most eager to consume your content.

Long story short: you can still investigate the HR data without filters.

This holistic view displays Management Job Functions hold the greatest interest in consuming content. Furthermore, Managers, Directors, and VPs make up almost 70% of all Job Levels actively engaging with content. Think about this: If you’re only targeting the C-Level, your hard work might translate largely to wasted efforts. This is also a great reminder to keep in mind the larger buying committee that helps make purchasing decisions.

Your content marketing strategy and target persona go hand in hand. It’s important to drill down on the segmented areas to better understand who you should be targeting and why.

Since Managers account for a high percentage of the total Job Level breakdown, analyzing custom data specific to this could be a great place to start.

With the data shifting to reflect the Manager Job Level, the charts inform us the same Job Function not only remains the most active, but also dominates even more of the audience population. However, the second most engaged Job Function switches from a management position to Payroll/Benefits at 13.7%. Moving on, the Manufacturing Company Industry proves to consume the most content at 11%.

If you’re interested in targeting this Job Level but find that some of the reflected data on the charts don’t reflect your current strategy, this could be the perfect initiator to get curious:

  • If you aren’t targeting the more active Company Industries within HR job area: Does your product/service allow you to target industries the data shows consume the most content?
  • If you are only targeting SMB companies: Can you move into the mid-market or larger companies?
  • If you aren’t sure what Job Function to speak to: Do you have room in your strategy to create more generalized content and also messaging that speaks to a persona?
  • If the Manager job level delivers data that doesn’t overlap with your company: How important is this job level to you?

Each pie chart invites exploration to discover new insights about not only your audience, but about how your strategy can evolve to pack a larger content-punch.

Content Strategy

Complimenting the targeting strategy data, the other features of this tool inform you of what’s really resonating with real professionals and real companies – right now. Although these sections dynamically update depending on your filter preferences, I’m taking a comprehensive approach by not refining the HR filters.

Starting with Top Trending Topics, we find key themes and words resonating the best within the HR Job Area. Using these as inspiration to craft data-backed messages to capture the attention of your audience, the likelihood to stand out from the content crowd increases.

Next up, Buyer Research Stream.

Representing a number of collected data points, this section features types and topics of content that specific job levels from specific companies are actively engaging with. Right away, we see a C-Suite professional in the Payroll/Benefits job function from Harper Industries registered for a Guide about Purchasing. These are ripe person-level and company level-insights.

Bringing together the Job Level, Company, Content topic, and Content Format, Buyer Research Stream provides perspective into not only a piece of content someone just downloaded, but also insight into who’s in-market. Something to keep in mind if you’re looking for hyper-targeted insights: These features dynamically update depending on how you refine your filters, so I’d recommend selecting your target persona to compare against the unfiltered view.

Leveraging more first-party data, the next two sections share buyer behavior related to specific companies and content formats.

Most Active In-Market Companies displays top companies engaging the most with content, providing insight for ABM targeting efforts. The above example includes major players most actively consuming HR related content. Focusing on content formats, the next section informs how your audience likes their content served. Have you only been creating Infographics? Although they make the top 5 list, eBooks are astronomically more appetizing to the HR audience.


Bringing everything together, leveraging custom buyer engagement insights to inform your targeting and content strategy is essential to stand out from the crowd. If your goal is to optimize your strategy and give yourself a competitive edge, utilizing real data to understand what is actually happening instead of what you hope is happening is crucial to your process.

Whether your HR strategy needs a small data-push or a lot of TLC, real-time, first-party data bring relevance to your roadmap.

Ready to dig in? Real time content consumption behavior is right here. Your HR buyers are waiting.

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